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    I Have 2 Blackberrys (8350i...)

    One Is On Boost Network With The Workaround Service Books (Combined3)

    & My Other Is With Nextel.. (Nextel Data Plan With Service Books)

    My Aim, Yahoo, Blackberry Messenger, & Everything Works Fine On My Nextel Phone, But The Boost Doesnt Work With Aim Yahoo Etc. I Read This In Previous Post That Certain Features Dont Work With Boost... When I Upload My Nextel Service Books Into My Boost It Doesnt Say Blackberry Not Authorized Or Something In That Sense Like it Previously Said When Runining Aim Or Yahoo.... I Have To Use Instango Which Is Annoying With The Frequent Disconnects...

    My Question Is:
    Is It Possible To Edit The Combined3 Service Book & How? I Wanna Add The Aim, Yahoo, Etc Services That I Have On The Nextel Phone's Service Book On My Boost's Phone.
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    09-10-09 10:51 AM
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    it is possible to edit them, how i dont know.... but even if you did add the SB you are asking for it will not work because that stuff goes through RIMs servers. and since BOOST does not support the 8350i, your not going to gain access to those servers
    09-10-09 11:01 AM
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    thanks .... jus was wondering... it wouldve been cool 2 access thru boost
    09-10-09 03:36 PM
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    You can not use BB data so BBM will never work and any app using BB data will not work on boost. Search will give you a full article on how to get your 8350i working with boost but all features will not work. Sorry.

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    09-10-09 03:44 PM