1. couv8's Avatar
    hey guys, i came across an option(options<security options<firewall<) under block incoming messages there is "blackberry internet service". If i enable the firewall, and check that box, does that mean i cant access data services from rogers? meaning i can still use wifi and not get any accidental data charges.

    i am curious because i had rogers block data but that also blocked the edge signal for normal phone use(only says GSM) and i would prefer to talk with the edge reception..............thanks all...........couv8

    BTW should my firewall be enabled anyway??
    08-01-09 04:09 PM
  2. MrWheelMan's Avatar
    That option blocks email to the phone. Trust me on this one. I'm new to BlackBerries and I made the mistake of turning it on and it took two or three days to figure out why all my email stopped. And email is all it stops. Nothing else.
    08-01-09 05:57 PM
  3. huckduck's Avatar
    if it stops BIS i would assume it blocks PINS and bbm too... but thats just my logic
    08-01-09 08:09 PM
  4. HPD2618's Avatar
    8330 has the option to block sms, mms, BB internet services (email), and PIN individually. 8330 also allows you to make exceptions, such as people in your address book. I have it set up so that I only get sms, mms and PIN from people in my address book but I left BB Internet services open.
    08-02-09 08:14 AM