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    My 8900 is a troublemaker. Among a long and glorious history documented with TMobile customer service are the following:

    During calls the person on the other end stops being able to hear me
    SMS messages that were "saved" have been deleted
    Calls are dropped frequently in various and random places (annoying tone coupled by the phrase "Call Failed" on my screen)
    Occassionally I can't get on the internet ('Insufficient Network Capacity to Handle my Request' or some such nonsense)
    Oh yeah, and the network showing in the upper right hand corner changes frequently, and sometimes is not the same as my fiance's, (he also has an 8900 on TMobile), even when we're sitting right next to each other

    Is it the phone, the network or the user?
    TMobile thought it was the SIM card, so we replaced it, which fixed some things (not listed above since they are fixed) but not the others. Then they thought it was the phone, which while a different handset did make the sound quality better for the person I'm speaking to, the last tech I spoke to told me it was likely a network problem so I sent the replacement phone back (this will make sense in a second - keep reading).
    On the subject of the replacement phone, they charged me $10 to ship it to me since my total lemon is, well, a total lemon, and it was damaged when it showed up! A refurb that wasn't quite 'good as new' like the smooth talking service person assured me. My thinking is this; I bought a new phone, it was busted, give me a new phone that works, not some hunk o'junk some other poor b*st*rd already sent back once!
    So I ask you, has anyone else had these problems, and if so, how were they resolved?
    06-17-09 03:28 PM