1. irish_insanity's Avatar
    You know how on a lot of phones, there is an option to "lock" text messages in your inbox so when you clean out your inbox the locked messages remain? I noticed my BB doesn't have the lock feature, but recently discovered the ability to save messages. (Highlight a message, menu button, "Save") Is this essentially the same thing?

    I would test my theory but I don't feel like risking losing the message I want to save in the process, in case I'm wrong.
    08-05-09 02:21 AM
  2. M5Legend's Avatar
    Yea as far as I know its the same, if you wanna test it plug your BB in to your comp and back up your txts, then save the ones you want and clean away, worst case scenario you'd have to restore your txts, I have every message ever sent or received backed up on my comp

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    08-05-09 02:29 AM