1. freeop's Avatar
    I am a long time user of Roboform for the PC and when I got my Blackberry, about a week ago, I started looking for some app that would have the same functionality as Roboform for the Blackberry Curve 8330.

    Not for sure if I looked hard enough, but after going back to the Roboform site, I found out that there was an app for the BB. It is not as refined as the PC version but hey, its free.

    Basically what Roboform does is keeps all your Passwords in one spot so you can, with the BB version, cut and paste to your browser. I know it isn't the best solution but I am just so used to it. And you can sync it with the PC version.

    Just thought I would make this post for anyone interested in a free program that keeps all your passwords.

    Here's the link if you need it.

    RoboForm for BlackBerry

    Hope this helps someone...
    08-01-09 09:10 AM
  2. cookie56's Avatar
    I, too, use Roboform on my PC....I have downloaded it on my BB but, to be honest, this is a very complex app. I'm not an ***** but can you help me get it working? I think you have to download the GoodSync, which I've done, but it's very confusing as to how to use it. Thanks for all your upcoming (I hope) help!
    08-09-09 09:29 AM