1. jlyriq's Avatar
    I just bought reverse look up and it does not work. I called myself from several numbers that are not in my address book and it didn't do anything.
    09-12-09 07:51 PM
  2. McCracken's Avatar
    submit a support ticket.
    09-12-09 07:53 PM
  3. goodB0Y's Avatar
    why did ya buy it?

    poynt does it...and its free!!!
    09-12-09 09:21 PM
  4. will222's Avatar
    Poynt? How?

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    09-12-09 10:26 PM
  5. FordThunder's Avatar
    i bought this app as well . and i have Poynt .

    why did i buy it ? easy , this app was SUPPOSE to do it automatically . unlike poynt , with poynt you have to click the menu button . choose reverse lookup . wait for the app to search .

    this app was SUPPOSE to do all this automatically after the call is missed , etc...
    it also was to give a option to call back or save to the address book automatically as well .

    noticed i used the word SUPPOSE ? thats because the app doesnt work for my 8330 either !

    i have resorted back to the poynt app until this issue is corrected.
    09-12-09 10:59 PM