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    Ive just had my Blackberry 8310 sent to repair with t-mobile UK as the trackball broke, but they have sent me a new device all together, cue having to download new OS etc.

    Main problem is that now my BB maps dont work; I get 'The device not configured for BIS or BES'. I had this originally over a year ago with my old device but somehow fixed it, but cant remember why.

    I have BIS as I have unlimited email, web etc and all work fine, I send/recieve emails fine and my browsing is fine.

    I have set up my TCP settings correctly (I think)

    Anyone got an idea what I can do? Ive searched everywhere for an answer, and tmobile have no idea.
    08-18-09 01:23 PM
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    You need to log in or create an acct at your BIS site:


    Then do a device change to enter your new Pin number and edit/setup your email accts. Then while you are logged in, you should send service books to your BB.

    Then from your device, go to Options, Advanced Options, Host Routing Table, Menu, Reregister.

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    08-18-09 01:27 PM
  3. timmins#CB's Avatar
    I've done that already and sent the service books about 4 times!
    08-18-09 01:30 PM
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    It is strange, since BB Maps has nothing to do with email.

    Have you tried using Application Loader to remove BB Maps, then reinstall it using Application Loader again?

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    08-18-09 01:38 PM
  5. timmins#CB's Avatar
    Yep, tried that and nothing!
    I've had a look on the net and loads of people on Vodaphone are saying the same, but their solutions are being emailed straight to them from the team there, and you have to be on Vodaphone to get them to fix it! so being on t-mobile I'm stuck.

    I think its just that the unlimited internet browsing package and the BIS are seperate as the website for that is just for email, and all it sends is email service books, so I have no idea how to get them to send me the BB maps service books.
    08-18-09 01:43 PM