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    Hi everyone, I am just wondering something. I recently purchased a curve 8900 because my storm died on me. So that means that I had a data plan to begin with. Now this phone doesn't have to option to "I want to Create/Add existing e-mail..", the only option is the enterprise email. So with me not being able to register my phone to the HRT i can not use internet all, or bbm, and i cant download third party applications.

    I have already factory reset my phone, and reinstalled the os, so i believe it is not an IT policy causing the problem, because I can access my firewall. If anyone knows anything about this problem, I would love some help.

    The only advice rogers seem to give was that I had to contact and get the phone removed from the enterprise. I find that ridiculous because I have no idea how I would do that, but anyways;

    thanks in advance!
    11-07-10 08:23 PM
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    Wipe it to bare metal with CrackUtil... I think.

    The 8100 I bought on eBay was still saddled with Enterprise nonsense.... so.... give it a try. A regular wipe isn't sufficient. Follow the good old "remove an IT policy" steps found somewhere within arm's reach of here.
    11-08-10 12:04 AM
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    Did you use the "Change Device" function on your BIS to input the PIN and IMEI for the new device?
    11-08-10 06:31 AM
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    No, I havent changed changed the device, duhh!
    Thanks so much, I'm going to try both those options, thanks for the replies!

    EDIT: (Update): Okaaay, so i tried to register my device on the BIS website so i could change my device, and this popped up:

    "Cannot create account:

    Your BlackBerry Internet Service Account is suspended or deactivated. Please contact
    Verizon Wireless "

    So I guess I have to contact them.
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    11-08-10 08:10 PM