1. jstrzalko's Avatar
    I've been trying to get my Mobile Banking application working on the 8900 for a few weeks on and off. Its the firethron holdings application used by citi, wachovia and a few other banks. I can install the app and it has all Allow permissions. I've tried with and without the firewall and every time I try to activate it says "the application is unable to connect"

    Anyone have luck with this app on the 8900? I don't have my old 8300 anymore otherwise I'd give it a try there.

    03-29-09 06:12 PM
  2. ThHitmn813's Avatar
    I use Regions for my banking. i recently up-graded to the TOUR, my bank tells me to go to the Sprint software store> free- demos> mobile banking. the problem is that there is no "mobile banking" as a selection. i can veiw my account through the browser but the Mobile Banking app sure was easy. are you have any luck?
    09-05-09 05:39 PM