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    Now, I'm not newbie to smartphones and blackberries, but this one has stumped me. Starting this past Saturday my battery hasn't made it through the day without a charge. I installed a few new programs Friday night and thought those maybe had a battery drain problem and quickly deleted them and pulled the battery for good measure. I have since kept all my chat programs offline, and my weather program is the only thing that updates. I was typically able to get over a day with heavy use out of my battery, but not since Satuday.

    My dad, who uses a Centro, has always had battery problems and his boss, who is on Verizon, has had battery draining issues tis weekend too. Has anyone had issues?

    I just swapped out batteries and will see if this helps. Can you guys think of anything else I could try. I'm not even getting 10hrs out of my battery before 35% remains.


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    08-11-09 11:39 PM
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    What apps are you running? You need to always need to make sure that you close your apps and not by hitting the back key but hitting the bb key and scrolling down to close. This exact same thing happened to me and when I hit ALT + back key turned out that I had google maps running the whole time. When I closed it this battery drainage did not happen again

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    08-12-09 05:58 AM