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    Hey guys just got my 8900 yesterday and let me tell you, I'm in love. I can now see why everyone has these. I used to get all the "new cool phones" and after all of them dissapoint me I have decided to stop with the childish phones and just get a real phone.
    Anyways I'm at work studying my blackberry and I got some questions ( I will add more as I get more )

    First of all the message system:
    My facebook status updates appear in my messages, can I make it so they don't? They just seem to clutter up the inbox.

    My sent emails also appear in my inbox. So everytime I email someone I get a message with my email in my inbox. I tried going to settings and said 'yes' on the hide sent messages option, but it still does it.
    Oh and how do I seperate the emails from the sms texts. It seems that every email I get is in the messages and the emails icon.
    Also when I'm typing this message it seems that I can continue typing on one line, I hope its not actually doing that. Am I supposta push enter when I get to the end of the box?

    Thanks everyone. I'm loving this bad boy!
    PS- Is there a way that I can receive an email or text everytime someone replies to topics I have posted?
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    Ugh... another problem. I have windows vista and in tryibg to set up my bb to be a modem. When I connect the bb to my computer I can explore it but bb desktop manager doesn't see it.
    Also is there like an application manager? Kinda like a ctrl shjft delete. I want to be able to easily close aps and stuff
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    Welcome to the world of Crackberry!

    The Forum titled "Crackberry Newbies" is what you need. Look at the sticky at the very top. You will find all the info you need and more, from BB 101 lectures to all the tips and tricks you will ever need.

    Also the search functions works and you should use it.
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