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    Hey everyone,

    Hopefully you can help me. I tried searching everywhere, but no one mentioned this problem. Whenever I plug in my blackberry now and it tries to sync (after i enter the password on the computer), it won't start unless I enter my password again on my handheld. Normally this isn't a problem, but now my BB keyboard isn't working from the humidity (don't worry about helping me with that problem, I've gone through all possible steps) so I'm not able to re enter the password on my handheld. I'm trying to back up the data before I get another phone, but I can't get past this simple step. I also can't check any text messages that I've recieved since the keyboard problem, and I'm hoping there is some way to access them through my desktop manager.

    Also, I have the latest build of desktop manager and device driver for my hand held and I'm on the verizon wireless network with my 8330 Curve. I've done hard resets and switching USB ports/cables to see if any of that was a problem...Nothing.THanks!!!


    Also, when I go into the backup and restore menu and enter "advanced", all my stats come up fine in the right hand bar, but as soon as I try to transfer anything, like my address book to the left side, it starts a progress bar and then freezes. My handheld then lets out a big beep. Hope that helps!
    05-25-10 10:07 AM