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    I'm having problems receiving "long" texts, i.e a text longer than the usual 160 characters. I'll receive the first part, but not the rest of it and it displays "receiving text". I either never get the rest of it, or it comes through hours later. Rebooting the phone used to work, but it doesn't anymore. (doing that was annoying anyway, should have never had to do that in the first place!)

    This seems to have occured since I upgraded to 5.0 os. I've had no end of niggling problems. The old os was much better.

    Handset is 8520 and network is Orange if that helps.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
    06-16-10 05:43 AM
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    To me, that sounds like a carrier problem. If a chunk of your message isn't coming through that's a carrier data problem. Have you called Orange and asked them - are they having problems?

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    06-16-10 08:06 AM
  3. SaBu3011's Avatar
    I haven't actually, I'll see how it goes, if it doesn't improve I'll call them!

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    06-20-10 10:23 AM