1. slite's Avatar
    My girlfriend's Curve on TMobile has the same old camera problem that everyone has: "could not be opened and to close other apps and try again"

    I have tried:

    1) battery pull
    2) disassembled the phone and clicked the camera back in place. (side note: when I pushed on it, it made a REALLY loud click. There is no damage to the lens or anything, but I was absolutely shocked by how loud it was...by the sound I thought I had solved it, but no!)
    3) uninstalled and reinstalled camera app.

    The phone is NOT under warranty any longer. She did drop it hard enough to crack the corner of the case OFF (which is why I thought snapping the lens back into place would solve the issue). Under examination, when I took it apart, the main board had NO physical damage.

    I have a lot of experience taking phones apart and fixing them. I have revived my sisters bold from being submerged in sunscreen, I have fixed cases and replaced parts...I am versed and not scared to take something not under warranty apart...

    What have I missed? I want to replace the entire case and make the whole thing orange (hey...its her favorite color...it has to be someone's right? I Love her...so what can I do? An OrangeBerry...Ill post pics!), but I dont want to replace the broken case unless I can fix the camera.

    1) I can solder if necessary...does anyone know where I can get a replacement camera if I need it?

    2) the only thing I havent done is replace the entire OS, but 99% of people here say that its a hardware issue.

    Any expert help....REALLY would be appreciated.

    08-10-09 11:39 PM
  2. Dariste1's Avatar
    I have no idea how to fix it but, I applaud your effort and willingness to fix something that isn't yours. Good luck sir.
    08-10-09 11:44 PM
  3. slite's Avatar
    ahhh...thank you...that is very nice of you. The things we do for Love!
    08-10-09 11:52 PM