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    My boyfriend and I just got 8530s and mine connects to the pc with no problems but his turns off and won't start back up again any time we connect it. It turns off, then the LED lights up and after that the hourglass appears for a few seconds before turning off and starting the whole process over again. This continues as long as it is connected. We got them both at the same time and the only difference is that his is black and mine is purple, other than that they are the same phone. Any ideas on what it could be?

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    06-20-10 11:50 AM
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    This is a bit strange !.

    He should ask for a replacement. I thought that the bedside mode was on, but from what you've stated it doesn't look like it
    06-20-10 01:50 PM
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    Its a Windows issue...dont take it back. For some reason Windows 7 does not like the 8530. There is a patch available, just do a search on Blackberry.com or even on this site, I have seen it here and maybe on howardforums.com as well. I had the same problem and now just use a machine that has XP...if you dont have a machine with XP either get the patch or run Windows 7 with XP protocols...
    06-20-10 02:02 PM
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    I had this very problem with my 8530. The problem ended when I upgraded the OS thru the wireless update on the 8530... So you might wanna try that... (Options-Advanced Options-Wireless Update.)

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    06-20-10 08:09 PM
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    That is true also..Im running .459, however I changed over after I fixed this issue. Also, depending on the carrier wireless update is not always available. I have US Cellular and Wireless update never has a thing...
    06-20-10 08:12 PM
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    Yes, the wireless update might be worth a shot, if it's available thru your carrier. I'm on Sprint, and I started on .459(when I had the problem connecting to a PC); I have updated twice and am now up to .654.

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    06-20-10 08:19 PM
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    Don't wanna dish the Windows-theory but, there are two 8530s connecting to the same PC and only one is actually going coocoo. I'd have it replaced.

    Or did I get this wrong?
    06-20-10 10:08 PM
  8. andypaintshomes's Avatar
    No, you got it right and while I dont necessarily disagree with you, there is way to many threads about this same issue on other forums which suggests that it is a real possibility it is Windows...
    06-21-10 09:36 PM