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    Hi. I just bought a 8330 Curve from Sprint about 2 weeks ago. I was looking to see possible price changes and just looking to possibly swap it and noticed Sprint.com no longer shows having a 8330 Curve. Is there any reason for this?


    My new phone has worked fine but two things bother me. First after having it two weeks there is now a spec in the screen like dust or something. Right in the middle. I had a case and screen cover on.. and have taken it off and sure enough its in the screen. Its noticeable with a white background and when the phone is off. Its annoying.

    Secondly the sides of the case feel kinda cheap and can press in like the top and bottom are not connected well enough. I compared this to my friends, and sisters 8330's from other carriers and their's are solid.

    Being within 30 days. Should I and do you think they would let me swap the phone for a new one? That is if they still carry it???? I don't see why they wouldn't but it not being on the website is interesting.

    Thanks for any help. Take care.
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    If you are unhappy with the phone then you should return it. I don't know if they still carry the curve on their site or not. Someone noticed the same thing last week and posted here about it. They should be able to tell you if they still carry it or not.

    The money these phones cost, you should not keep it if it makes you unhappy. If you have handled other 8330s and not had the same issues or felt the same issues as you do with yours, then that would lead some to believe that your device is the one that is not normal.

    Call Sprint before you run out of time to do it. I hope it works out well for you.

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    03-16-09 07:05 AM
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    Agree. Swap it out within the 30 days. You need to be happy with the berry.
    03-16-09 07:17 AM
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    I agree with everyone else. You should swap it, and soon.

    Reading a few topics down it seems like Sprint doesn't have that many on stock as of right now.
    03-16-09 04:13 PM
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    they dont have them instock because they are updating to the new os(i believe). im sure if you either go to your store, or contact cs, you can tell them your problem and they will put an order in for you so you can be first in line to get a replacement when they are made available.
    03-16-09 05:02 PM
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    Well I would suggest to go to the local store (not the kiosk) and swap it out. The may not have it on the site but I got mine on the 12th wich is a day after they pulled it from the site.

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    03-16-09 05:11 PM
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    Thanks guys for the responses. Turns out I bought it from a 3rd party store. I couldn't tell said Sprint outside and everywhere inside. So the normal Sprint stores aren't willing to help. The place I bought it is out ofcourse, and they are not sure they can give me an IOU for when they get them in stock since my warranty expires in 5 days.

    The guy first said he had none, then after I asked about an IOU put me on hold and then said the manager would check their stock room and something might come up. Sounds kinda weird to me. But I am suppose to call back tomorrow.

    They however had the red (not too found of) but might go that route.

    Other question.

    Is it simple for such stores to take it apart to get dust or whatever out of the screen?

    03-16-09 09:34 PM
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    I would take it back & demand a new one or a loaner until they get one in stock. If not get your money back & go to a sprint store and order you one. may have to wait a week but you will be happier.
    03-16-09 09:45 PM
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    yes take it back and at lease let them know about it,

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    03-17-09 07:59 AM
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    oh and by the way, if its a question you dont know and someone else does know it, then its never a dumb question,

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    your bb should be cherished and loved..if not completely satisfied take it back or see what they can do for sure.
    03-17-09 11:07 AM
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    Depending how your sprint store is, if you are in the 30 days they have to replace it with the same model or something equivalent. I had a non BB cell with them and the display crapped out the first week and when I went in they no longer had that model and the new model was like $75 more but since I listed off EVERYTHING that my phone did they pretty much had to upgrade me. With it being a BB you would have to get a newer model since you signed the contract with that phone in mind and what it could do (even mem and cpu speed)

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    03-17-09 05:14 PM