1. KMAN4190's Avatar
    I have an expired contract with NEXTEL.I want to keep my # that I have had for a long time.Can I port the # without buying a BOOST phone.I just need the sim card and my number ported over.Then I can attempt to use my 8350I..I called sprint store and they said they are not allowed to port #.Makes sense since they may lose a lot of their own customers to Themselves>>Any body do this????
    08-08-09 09:52 PM
  2. justlovejoy's Avatar
    I know that as long as you request your account number and have it ready for the new network you wish to use at time of activation, they will steal the number from the previous network. I'm not sure if boost does this or not though! Ask boost! Sprint will try to keep you from leaving by telling you its not possible but it is.

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    08-09-09 08:44 AM
  3. Donald Gorbet's Avatar
    I just ported 5 nextel phones to boost the beginning of last month I had to pay some early terminations on a couple of them but they all were ported no problem
    08-09-09 12:03 PM
  4. KMAN4190's Avatar
    Did you do it online or at a store???
    08-09-09 07:57 PM