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    okay heres my story.....

    i got an At n t blackberry curve 8300 when i was in Cali from my cousin dnt ask me how she got it i think she found it. any way she already had one and so gave me it the one she found so i could use bbm and talk to her when im in scotland as thats were i live. well i got the phone unlocked then i got the o2 simplicity plan which gives me unlimited internet and the blackberry bolt on. they told me to set up the email account on o2 website but it said i couldnt coz the Pin and Imei have been deactivated or suspended. so i called o2 and they said you wont be able to use email but your BBM you should still work. well needless to say i cant use BBM i tried to add my cousins pin and all its says is pending awaiting authorization, and she cant add me either. so i took it to a mobile help shop and the guy said i cant use bbm here coz its an American phone but i didnt think that was the reason why. iv been doing research on the net and alot of people have said are you on a data plan, i think i am coz the guy added everything for blackberry so i could use the BBM. Someone also said i would have to get the origional owner to call up At and T and activate the pin and IMEI so i could set up the email account then it shoudl work but i cant do that coz i nor my cousin knows the origional owner. So question is there a way i can sort this out. All i want is to be able to use BBM i dnt even care about the email. thanks
    08-22-09 07:10 PM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    If the PIN is deactivated or suspened, this would explain it. BBM uses PIN numbers to comunicate. If the phne was found by your cousin, and reported as lost/stolen by the owner, you might be SOL.
    08-22-09 07:14 PM
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    No way around that.

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    08-22-09 08:21 PM