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    I have a blackberry Curve and I think I'm going to cry! I downloaded a really dumb game, so I went to delete it and I accidentally deleted BrickBreaker instead! I'm not sure how to get it back? Is there a site that I can download BrickBreaker from? Or is it in a deleted file on my phone still? I can't believe I deleted it! Thanks for any help!
    10-06-08 01:46 AM
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    You don't need to d/load anything. Just open Desktop Manager
    click Application Loader and put a check in the BrickBreaker box.
    Next your way through to finish the reinstall.

    See there, no crying involved. Welcome to CrackBerry
    10-06-08 01:53 AM
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    Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help~ I don't know what I'd do without my brickbreaker. What a great site!
    10-06-08 12:56 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    AG is correct about using BlackBerry Desktop Manager to recover missing applications, but there is an additional step you have to take before it will work.

    In addition to DTM, you will need to download and install a copy or your original carriers OS package.

    BlackBerry - BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites

    10-06-08 01:04 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

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    10-06-08 01:04 PM
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    It is easy to get a copy of the OS. You need to go to options-about and see which OS you're running -- it's listed just before the platform number in parenthesis. It'll look like 4.3.x.xx. When you go to the download site look for that version, select download and save. Save it to somewhere on your pc where you'll be able to find it. Once it has downloaded, double click to install. Then plug your device into your pc's usb port, go into DM and click on apploader, when you open add applications there will be a long list of apps for your berry. Look down the list and put a check in the box next to brickbreaker and click next.

    I hope I didn't over explain for you, I'm just making sure you have all the info you need just in case,

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    10-06-08 01:16 PM
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    OK, so I did this too. Downloaded a dumb game, deleted brickbreaker by accident... I am following along with what you are tell me, except my OS ver is not on there?!?!?

    Any tips?
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    02-28-09 10:50 AM