1. roxstapam's Avatar
    Hey, I'm using a BB Curve 8520 and I'm aware that PingChat works with Wifi too but sadly, my pingchat isnt working when my phone is barred. :S
    When edge sign is no longer there but it's show as GSM because it's barred. can someone help me out here?
    :/ basically bb definitely sucks
    12-21-10 12:36 AM
  2. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    Right, so you're saying you don't have a data plan. It's the same with the iPhone and the Android phones, they too need a data plan for PingChat to work.

    May I asked why your phone is barred? If it is due to lack of a data plan, I would invest in one (aim for unlimited if you can, you'll find they really have you using them, hence chewing up data allowance). I have a data plan on mine, on my 8520, and all the internet based applications work fine.

    As for saying bb definitely sucks, I have to argue that there. Try it with a data plan and tell me then. Without a data plan, you are not unlocking the smartphone to it's fullest potential. If after that, you still think it sucks, then fair enough.
    12-21-10 05:47 AM