1. twinmomdianna's Avatar
    Is there anyway to move the folder that contains pictures out of the camera area, to a separate folder? I don't want to have to go to my camera each time I want to pull up pictures.

    09-08-09 07:54 AM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    You don't need to go to Camera to pull up pictures.... use your Media icon.
    09-08-09 08:09 AM
  3. twinmomdianna's Avatar
    Ok, did that. Now is there a way to just take the picture folder and have it so it is out of the media area, so I can just have a folder labeled pictures that I can have quicker access to.
    09-08-09 08:18 AM
  4. fatboy97's Avatar
    I'm guess you are talking about on your SD Card... just open on your PC in mass storage mode... create a new folder under your Blackberry folder, call it whatever you like... then just open your Camera > Menu > Options... then change the folder that your camera is using to that new folder.
    09-08-09 08:37 AM
  5. KurtisBertolami's Avatar
    What I am getting from this is the OP just wants the picture icon in a different location, preferably the homescreen. Just click the Media icon > highlight the pictures icon > press Menu > then move to folder > and select Home. Now the pictures icon will be on the homescreen

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    09-08-09 08:51 AM
  6. lazerus's Avatar
    You can't move the pictures icon silly guy. You really should test before posting solu-shions.

    09-08-09 09:21 AM
  7. KurtisBertolami's Avatar
    Sorry Silly Gal, but i'm not sure about 4.6, but I've been using 5.0 for a long while and you most certainly can move your pictures icon to your home screen.
    09-08-09 09:28 AM
  8. lazerus's Avatar
    Duh, 5.0, I highly doubt this user is running 5.0.

    And if she was, I'm sure shes smart enough to know how to move it.

    09-08-09 09:42 AM
  9. twinmomdianna's Avatar
    No there is no move option.

    And excuse me lazerus for not having 5.0, sorry I have a phone with only 4.6. Didn't know that meant I couldn't ask a question.

    "I highly doubt she is running 5.0" WTF? Never mind, so much for a decent forum. And people not being snobs.
    09-08-09 09:48 AM
  10. lazerus's Avatar
    I wasn't talking to you Miss Hissy Fit, I was talking to Kurtis. Jeezeus calm yourself. Its a good thing you're not running 5.0. I don't and neither should you.
    09-08-09 09:55 AM
  11. Radius's Avatar
    I'm getting the popcorn and lawn chair, this could get good!
    09-08-09 09:56 AM
  12. lazerus's Avatar
    My God, I'm such a snob! Ok, I like Coach bags, I'm a snob, but I can afford them.

    Seriously, I was not aiming arrows at the OP, so there.

    Nor to Kurtis, I heart Kurtis!
    09-08-09 09:58 AM
  13. KurtisBertolami's Avatar
    Dianna Lazerus was not trying to put you down. Very few people run 5.0 and its best that you don't because there are still a lot of things to be tweaked. In this case, the best you can do is move your media icon to the top row so you can access your pictures quicker.

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    09-08-09 10:06 AM
  14. lazerus's Avatar
    Aww, I love it when a man comes to my rescue....specially when I'm wearing pink!
    09-08-09 10:21 AM
  15. KurtisBertolami's Avatar

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-08-09 10:31 AM