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    Hate for this to be my first post, I just feel like its greedy/needy or something, but here goes:

    I'm running v4.6.1.231 on my 8900.

    Magically, just after 30 days of owning the phone, I would pick it up to find it in a reset loop (black screen, red LED, white screen with clock icon. rinse and repeat). All that I had to do to break the cycle was connect it to a PC. It would then start up perfectly.

    Soon after that it would go into into an unbreakable reset loop, or just be bricked. It has done this a number of times. Any time I need to restart the device (app error, removing/updating an app.) it gets bricked. It works great until I have to deal with a reset.

    Basically I'm asking if this is a problem with that particular OS, or some possible issue with the hardware. And what to do about it. I'm clueless.

    If anyone even knows.
    10-02-09 03:41 AM
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    I have been using .231 for a few months now and have not had an issue... as far as I'm concerned it is very reliable.

    That being said, it sounds like something got messed up or corrupted in your OS... could be an app you loaded... who knows at this point.

    If I was you, I'd recommend that you do a complete backup using DM (Desktop Manager) on your PC... then backup your 3rd party apps using a process linked to in my signature below... download and install your Blackberry's OS on you PC (I assume you will get this from your provider, otherwise you need to delete the Vendor.XML file after you install it)... download and install CrackMem, again there is a link in my signature below... run CrackMem... when it starts, select your OS version on the left part of the screen, then click the Wipe button... this will wipe your device and load the OS.

    After you have your device back up and running you can then use DM to reload your personal data, and use the 3rd party app backup procedure to load your 3rd party apps again.

    This whole process can take upwards of 30 minutes to a couple hours depending on the time it takes to download everything and install everything, plus the time it takes to tweak in all your apps and get the codes for all your apps.
    10-02-09 06:14 AM
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    I've gotten pretty good at downloading my 3rd party apps. I've had to do it every time I've reinstalled the OS. It doesn't seem that me re-installing them individually vs. backing them up would make a difference.

    I don't have any out of the ordinary 3rd party apps installed. UberTwitter, Google Voice-Talk-Mobile-Sync-Maps, and AIM. Either way, I'll get this stuff set up for the next time it crashes.

    10-02-09 06:43 AM
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    Also, how often do you do a battery pull: Leave your device on, pull the battery for 20 seconds, put it back in and wait to boot up???

    You should do one about every week or so depending on how your device is acting.
    10-02-09 07:00 AM
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    Do a full wipe and reload your OS... This should fix the problem... It would only be a corrupted OS/3rd party app that would do this.

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    10-02-09 10:52 AM
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    Full wipe as described by fatboy97?

    When I do a battery pull, it resets. Causing the loop. Sometimes I'll get a JVM error. But I'm always too pissed to remember what # it is. I'll wipe it before I head out tonight. I don't want to be out and about without a phone when this thing nukes again.

    I'll be back with results. Thanks again.

    EDIT: I'm in the middle of fatboy's procedure right now. Is CrackMem wipe any different than installing the OS through CommonFiles>RIM>AppLoader etc.? It looks like its just opening up the App Loader. Like I do every time I have to reinstall the OS.

    EDIT2: It did something different. I got back the BBAlphaSans font that I had lost about 4 OS reloads ago. Hope this one sticks.
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    10-02-09 02:00 PM
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    I don't know enough about CrackMem to know what exactly it launches... so it might start AppLoader, but not the full thing because it does not do the backup, nor does it reload any apps or personal info... that's why you need to backup everything yourself.
    10-02-09 05:23 PM