1. Raf_Sorrentino's Avatar
    Please help - i have just obtained my new 8300 and loaded the desktop manager to perform the syn with outlook. i realized that once this was completed the sync with Notes calendar and contacts was with the exchage email address.

    I subsequently deleted the exchange email from outlook uninstalled desktop manager and reinsatlled it to not sync with my hotmail details.

    When i now try to perform and configure the synce to contacts notes ect im able to proceed thoughout the process antil i click finish when i get the following error message

    Run Time Error

    Folder is no longer part of the system data source or folder could not be found

    Please could anyone shed some light how to solve this issue as im desperatley trying to load my contacts onto my BB from hotmail

    thanks for your support
    07-28-08 03:25 PM
  2. seipmoney's Avatar
    well im not sure about the outlook, but bmclure shared a program with me that worked much easier than the outlook sync. the program is called abc amber blackberry editor. It worked really well for me.
    Free download ABC Amber BlackBerry Editor, edit contacts in IPD files
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    07-28-08 03:29 PM
  3. Raf_Sorrentino's Avatar
    thanks i did find this on my searches in the forums - this will not work for me as i have over 300 contacts and business associates all now in my hotmail contacts and am constantly updating also i still need calendar and appontments updated
    07-28-08 03:40 PM
  4. aneal000's Avatar
    Hey Everyone, I am having this problem - or at least something very similar. I have a new computer and bb Bold. I have an older hotmail account with many emails and contacts. I installed outlook 2003 and the hotmail/windows live Outlook Connector and have my hotmail account synced nicely now in outlook. I installed BB Desktop Manager and tried to go through the sync configuration process and everything looks good up until the end when it gives me the following "Runtime Error - Folder is no longer part of the system data source or the folder could not be found"

    I've tried to figure out where Outlook Connector stores the data on my computer when I'm offline - figured I'd need to sync with that file, but not having any luck. When I look at the Data File Management in outlook, under filename I get "unavailable".

    Anyone know how to sync the phone with a hotmail account that is in outlook 2003?

    06-17-09 09:30 AM
  5. tiffaniescott's Avatar
    You get the picture. I have had the SAME issue and it is so frustrating and addicting to solve that I have had a migrain for 24 hours now.

    I was an Alltel customer and now unfortunately Verizon customer. I have spent HOURS on the phone with VW tech support and just get thrown in circles about this. Finally they gaveme a number to call "it is a BB support hotline" I was told. Not so much - it was Alltel tech support who can not help me anymore since I am no longer part of Alltel. Thanks!

    I have uninstalled, reinstaled, trouble shot, read forum after forum on how to solve this. What is the point in haveing a BB if you cannot gte the phone to synch with your Outlook contacts and calendars? I have Hotmail also and cannot figure out why I get the run time error when everything was installed and re-installed correctly.

    If ANYONE knows how to get the synch to work with Hotmail in Outlook (NOT Express) and the desktop manager and my BB....please please please fill me in.

    Muchos Gracias!
    10-05-09 09:16 AM