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    Aaarrrrggghhh!!! I've searched the forums for a solution, but alas, I cannot find it.

    I uninstalled the software, downloaded the software from he AT&T website and tried to install it, but it did not give me the desktop manager (I had to search for the device software...it did not automatically place it in my programs...weird)...I uninstalled that. Then I re-installed the AT&T disk, again. Contrary to how all this sounds, I'm not a complete ***** when it comes to computers, not a genius either .

    I have the synchronizations set for address book, calendar, memos, and tasks to synch with Outlook. I get the horrible 'BONK' sound from my computer and the message "Duplicate Records Found on the Device".

    I've had my BB about a month now and I initially (and I have no idea how) transferred my contacts and calendar from my Palm to my BB. Now I would like to have some control over the calendar, et al on my desktop.

    Should I have the phone override the Outlook instead of Synchronizing?

    Can anyone offer any advice??? I'm desperate!

    Thank you!

    Newbie Suzy

    I'm using a Curve 8310, AT&T, BB Desktop Manager Version
    12-29-07 11:35 PM
  2. orle8050's Avatar
    As far as overriding, that is a call you have to make looking at the information.

    I use the setting notify on conflict and my Outlook takes precedence.

    Regardless, you should never have duplicates.
    12-30-07 12:44 AM
  3. suzyqhoo's Avatar
    Thanks Orle8050!

    I had my settings to notify me of conflicts originally too, but it never got that far.

    I kept searching the CB forums and found this posted by pworms:

    "To solve this problem, try to synch. Watch out at what stage of the synch you get the "Duplicate records found on the device" message (calendar, tasks, contacts, whatever). With your device connected, go to the backup/restore function. Choose "advanced". In the "device database" list, go to the database at the root of your troubles (e.g., "Calendar" if your synch stopped at the calendar stage). Click clear. This wipes the device clean of that data. Synch again: problem solved."

    I did the above and it worked! WAHOOOOO!

    I am now synched and psyched!!!! Wheeee! I can now go to sleep with a clear conscious!

    Happy synchronizing to everyone!!!

    Suzy, geez!
    12-30-07 12:56 AM