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    I tried to update my BB8520 to the 5.0 os, however, when I use my application uploader, or blackberry.com, or even using my carrier's website to upload; they all said that the latest version that I could download is 4.6, but I know the Latest version is 5.0, so what the heck is going on!!!
    05-11-10 01:49 AM
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    you need to be asking this question in the 8520 part of the forum, someone in there will kindly point you in the right direction.
    05-11-10 02:28 AM
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    In the 8520 part of the forum there is a download link for 5.0 by wind hellas. Download that and delete .xml file. There is quick instructions in the thread of how to install properly. Removing the vendor.xml allows anyone to download and use any carrier's os as long as it matches device.

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    05-11-10 06:33 AM
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    Thanks so much I finally figured it out.
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    05-12-10 05:26 AM
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    I have downloaded from that link, but I dont know how to delete .xml file. I wasn't able to find the instructions on the 8520 forum.
    To remove that file, go to:

    Windows XP:
    My Computer - C: - Program Files - Common Files - Research in Motion - App Loader

    Windows Vista & Windows 7
    Computer - C: - Program Files - Common Files - Research in Motion - App Loader

    That file will be at the very bottom named "vendor.xml", after you install the new OS 5 go into the app loader folder and delete the vendor.xml, please note that every time you install a new Blackberry OS on your computer, vendor.xml will always come back.. so don't forget to delete it before you go into the desktop manager or apploader.exe.
    05-12-10 05:39 AM