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    I am a new user and I keep seeing in the forums where people are updating their OS. I have had my BB 8520 (AT&T) for less a few days and I have v4.6.1.314 (platform Is there an update that I should download to make my bb run better or should I just leave it alone? I saw that there was a leaked version a week ago and I tried to download it but the link doesn't work. Thanks.
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    05-22-10 06:41 PM
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    Yeah there should be an update to os 5, there's probably like 8 different version including..rims, carriers, hybrids and such, try plugging your phone into the dm and see if tells you there's an update, if not you can dl one of your choosing off the site and install it

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    05-22-10 06:59 PM
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    Plugging phone to DM will only trigger an update if:

    - DM is set to look for them
    - Your carrier releases an OS update. (and you're neither Voda Italy nor Wind Hellas)

    Check my sig, you'll find a link for all OS releases (well, all I bothered to upload) for the 8520. .411 is closer to the functionality of 4.6. .681 is the highest built available as it is.

    Try one out. You can alwasy go bakc if you don't like it.
    05-22-10 07:05 PM
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    I was hoping to get an answer about if it's worth it or not. Is the version I have really need to be updated? Are the updates worth it? Is there not a centrally located area that has all these updates? The most recently leaked OS for the 8520 is bogus. Visit link and see

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    05-22-10 07:06 PM
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    Thanks diegonei
    05-22-10 07:08 PM
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    Just post back if you need more info.
    05-22-10 08:44 PM