1. perspective's Avatar
    hello forum...
    anyone know if this is possible?

    I travel a lot between UAE and UK and i am getting hammered with call roaming charges. I though it might be possible to have one data plan in each country - both with the same email account. Can that be done? If yes, how would emails reconcile on the BB? The email is UAE based webmail so i am fairly sure it would reconcile ok (???) but looking for guidance from all you experts on all possible scenario's/problems/etc.

    If it matters (?) i have unlocked Curve 8320 on BIS running 4.2 fw

    Thanks in advance
    08-09-09 03:05 PM
  2. perspective's Avatar
    Hey - i've just read that if BB is unlocked and you insert a different sim with data plan, the existing email account will just keep on working!?! any thoughts anyone???
    08-12-09 10:47 PM
  3. huckduck's Avatar
    i'm going to GUESS that you'll need to register the same phone on both networks, assuming your one email isn't a @xxxxxx.blackberry.net then i don't think you'd have any issue
    08-13-09 12:54 AM