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    Hi guys,

    Bit of a strange problem here. I couldn't find any record of anyone else reporting this...

    I've recently set up a new work email address on my blackberry. The address is connected to an exchange server which I access from home using Outlook 2007 i.e. I've set it up properly and don't use web access.

    Emails seem to be coming through on my BB fine. The problem is that they come through a little too well - any email which I access using Outlook on my laptop is then re-pushed through to my BB, e.g. If I go back to check a previously opened message in Outlook it'll be sent out to my device again.

    Anyone got any ideas how I could fix this? It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's one of those minor niggles which is sure to drive me slowly insane

    EDIT: Blackberry 8310 on O2 uk using BIS.
    09-15-09 05:17 AM
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    That was happening to me also. Do you have the BB desktop software installed on the computer? Is there a box checked to forward or push your emails to the BB? If so uncheck it. That is what I had to do.
    09-15-09 10:01 AM
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the suggestion. The software is indeed installed - I've had a look around for a checkbox regarding forwarding emails to the device but I haven't found it in any of the menus or sync options. Do you remember where it was by any chance?

    09-15-09 11:18 AM
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    EDIT: my old solution turned out to be rubbish, sadly. But! Here is the real solution:

    After poking around on the blackberry knowledge base, I found out that it was a problem with my blackberry being connected to an IMAP server as I suspected - as it turns out, BIS just doesn't play nice with IMAP. Essentially all I had to do was set up the account again, this time selecting 'I can access this account using Outlook Web Access' (or something like that). It then will look for a POP server and not an IMAP. No more duplicate emails!
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    09-16-09 09:57 AM