1. acegerter's Avatar
    So i got an 8900 off craigslist 2 days ago.

    Since about 2 hours after getting it, it has been randomly turning off, then rebooting, stay on for 10sec-6hours and then randomly shut off again.

    I tried doing battery pulls, and that seems to help some of the time, and I also tried updating with the 4.6 desktop loader from RIM, but the tutorial on fixing nuked BBs didnt work for me.

    any advice? i really dont want to call the guy and ask for my money back

    godamn CL ppl!! and faulty BBs!!
    09-07-09 10:10 AM
  2. melissaox's Avatar
    What OS is running on it? What apps? These can cause the issues. I would try wiping the bb and reloading a stable OS and see if that helps
    09-07-09 10:14 AM
  3. Radius's Avatar
    Could be why they sold it.

    Buyer beware.

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    09-07-09 10:14 AM
  4. blkbryadict's Avatar
    Do you have a memory card in your 8900? I have had issues in the past with memory cards. Ultimately I had to: Use a Micro SD card reader to transfer the data off the card, format the card while inside the Blackberry, and then transfer the data back on to the card. Hope this helps.
    09-07-09 10:15 AM
  5. acegerter's Avatar
    v4.6.1.250 (platform

    I haven't downloaded any apps onto it

    How would I go about wiping it? a link to a easy/good tutorial would be great...
    Also which OS would yall recommend??
    09-07-09 10:18 AM
  6. vlade31's Avatar
    09-07-09 10:32 AM
  7. acegerter's Avatar
    yea... i tried last nite to do that with the loader.exe, but it recognized it, asked if i wanted to install apps, then finished

    sorry im super noob to BB and very confused and concerned
    09-07-09 10:36 AM
  8. Slvrbck's Avatar
    If you go into your Berrys options, then into security, general settings, then press the BB key (left of the trackball) then select wipe handheld.
    This is basicly do a factory reset on the phone.

    Beware that this will wipe EVERYTHING.
    I don't know if this will fix your problem but it fixed mine when I had this issue.

    It turned out that I had a dodgy 3rd party app and you say you don't have any apps installed ye

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    09-07-09 10:44 AM
  9. acegerter's Avatar
    wen i go to options>security> BB key, it just says "switch app" or "close"

    I only have a few contacts, no media, no apps, so im not concerned about wiping the phone
    09-07-09 10:49 AM
  10. acegerter's Avatar
    i did activate memory clenaing tho
    09-07-09 10:49 AM
  11. robsleezy's Avatar
    Ok... Here is what you need to do with apploader... you know how when u get to the last screen and then it says its going to install apps hit advanced. check the top box and the bottom box to wipe the berry, and then tell it not to backup anything. have it flash it it should be good to go...
    09-07-09 10:51 AM
  12. fatboy97's Avatar
    Download the OS version, install on PC... Download CrackMem V3.x, install, start CrackMem, select OS, click Wipe button... this will wipe device and load OS.
    09-07-09 10:52 AM
  13. acegerter's Avatar
    ok cool, which OS version is suggested for a newbie 8900 user?
    09-07-09 10:54 AM
  14. fatboy97's Avatar
    ok cool, which OS version is suggested for a newbie 8900 user?
    T-Mobile and AT&T use .231 as their official OS... I can not tell what carrier you are using.... otherwise I'd go with the latest officially released OS that is in the top sticky thread on 8900 forum (.250).
    09-07-09 10:58 AM
  15. acegerter's Avatar
    thanks so much guys
    09-07-09 10:59 AM
  16. Snownation's Avatar
    What's the progress?
    If you're not satisfied with it. You will need to get your money back. Your problem suggests that the seller let it go due to that problem.

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    09-07-09 11:22 AM