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    Good day to you all,my fellow crackberries,lol. I am getting the hang of this more everyday but I have an issue that's stumping me. I haven't mastered the whole profile thing and the volume level toggle. Ok here is the thing: I want to guarantee that certain contacts ring thru regardless of the profile setting. There seems to be something called exceptions, and I clicked the ones I wanted but I think I am missing a step. Each of these contacts have a custom ringtone. Does anyone know where I can find a clear explination? I did search the forums, found some issues but they refer to the Storm. What is the differnce btwn quiet, normal and loud. And what effect,if any, does futzing with the volume toggle have with each profile,would that override the profile setting? LOL bottom line is I keep missing calls from my hubby since I got my curve and he is getting a complex that he doesn't deserve. Any help would be appreciated :>

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    10-05-09 08:13 AM
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    Each profile is fully customizable. Open profiles, scroll to the bottom of dialogue box, select the profile you want to edit. from there you can adjust tones and volumes for pretty much any application in your BB.
    Hope that helps.
    10-05-09 09:10 AM
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    I think it worked!! Let's hope so. I think he was kidding, but he said he was gonna get rid of my crackberry because he can never get thru to me.LOL.Thanks JMHx2!!!!

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    10-05-09 08:31 PM