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    I'm new here and a new Blackberry Owner. So far I am loving the CrackBerry but I am having one problem that I was hoping someone may be able to help me with. When I connect to my home wi-fi and receive calls I get no sound. I can hear the phone ring and I can hear music and what not but no volume when I'm on the phone. The person on the other end can hear me fine. If I switch back to mobile network everything works fine. When I'm at work and connect to that LAN everything seems to work fine.

    I like to leave my phone set to wi-fi preferred because at work I get little to no mobile network signal in my office.

    I have done some searching for answers and so far the only solution I have read was to pull the battery. I have tried this multiple times with the phone powered on and off and it does not help.

    Thanks for any help and please let me know if I could provide any more info that might be helpful.
    08-07-09 08:37 PM
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    I am on WAP so you can't see my signature right now but you can search for other posts I have made so you can find my signature (or click the posts by user link in my profile) and get the link to the UMA Guide. You can also try searching for the UMA Guide directly if you like. Either way, once you find it, follow it.

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    08-07-09 11:57 PM
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    What OS are you on? I've never seen this issue. Wierdness. If yer not on .231 at the very least then upgrade.

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    08-07-09 11:57 PM