1. Michele Weisneck's Avatar
    HELP! I have had the curve for three months and in the last week or so it has stopped ringing and notifing me of emails, texts, alarms, and calls.
    I have done the following:
    battery pulls
    edited notification profiles using advanced (all on high not mute)
    edited the exception list
    removed last app (QuickPUll) added
    When I do a battery pull it will sound once (call, email, or alarm) which ever is first
    The speakerphone works during a call and I use it often
    When I go into BB Alarms Pro and test the alarm sound it will not sound.
    THe phone does vibrate when someone calls or I get a text. That is the only way I know someone is calling.

    Please help this is driving me nuts and I am missing important calls.
    Thank you

    08-16-09 12:24 AM