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    Hi! So, I don't have sound on my phone. I mean, I can hear callers and they can hear me, but I can't play songs/my phone doesn't ring when it's not on silent.
    I know for sure it's a hardware issue. The little contacts that connect/touch the speaker on the back of the phone snapped off when I was changing shells.

    My question is can I buy new contacts for the phone? If I can't, what sort of metal are they made out of so that I can McGuyver some new ones myself?

    I can't really find a picture of the contacts i'm talking about. If you've ever opened up your blackberry, you should have seen them. they're the little yellow things on the hardware? so. anyway. yeah. where can i buy these? or am i just screwed?
    05-20-10 07:07 PM
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    oh jk. these things:
    http: // i46 . tinypic.com / np1576 . jpg

    feel free to remove the spaces as the site won't let me post the picture because i haven't posted at least 10 posts.
    05-20-10 07:11 PM