1. ozshadow's Avatar
    I have two issues. First, I have noticed my red LED does not blink when I receive a missed call+voice mail. I do not know if it blinks for a short time and turns off or what. It is set to blink in the sound profiles. I regularly pull my holster out of my jacket pocket to see if the LED is blinking and for two days I was late in detecting I had calls. It does blink for emails.

    I have 4.3 and also VibAndRing installed.

    My second issue is a request for a tip from someone. I use the default Sprint theme. I hate that in order to see how many messages my phone has, I have to scroll up to it on the home screen. Does anyone know how to make the Message text stay visible at all times when the screen is active ? I want something like "Messages (2)" to stay on the screen at all times until I clear them, regardless of where I have scrolled.
    01-13-09 03:03 PM