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    I am a newb to the world of Blackberry and have the Curve 8330 from Sprint. I have read quite a few post and have posted a few times wondering how I can get forced roaming on to my phone? After doing a ton of reading everything is still clear as mud to me. Due to my job I do a lot of traveling a lot of times to places that Sprint does not cover. I had a HTC but because it was windows based I could manipulate the configuration to how needed it through the config manager. Any help would be awesome.
    09-12-09 03:24 PM
  2. angelgirl_97868's Avatar
    As far as I am aware the 8330 does not allow forced roaming. I have looked into it myself and found the answer to be no. Your options are home or automatic and that's it. If there is a way to do it I have been completely unable to find it. It should however, as long as you have it on auto, detect and change to roaming when out of sprint service area.

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    09-12-09 05:23 PM