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    hi guys, im a new BB user, ive been an iphone user since they first came out, and still am, but recently decided to try the other world and got a 8900 from tmobile, unlocked to ATT, i got all necesary plans needed for the BB to work but need some advice, on what to do, and where to go thanks
    09-09-09 11:59 PM
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    Check the 101 lectures, they are the best place to start. I have a link to them in my signature and you can find them at anytime through the "Blackberry Help" menu item at the top of every page.

    Welcome to Crackberry!!
    09-10-09 12:01 AM
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    thank you aristile, im doing it rite now also is there free resources for BB or all of them are paid?
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    09-10-09 12:02 AM