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    Hi guys,

    I get my new t mobile curve today, and I was just wondering what are the first things I should do with it? Will it need upgrading or anything? Any cool applications for the curve, themes?

    Also, I currently have a pearl, is it possible to transfer all of my numbers to the curve? And if I just take my card out of the pearl and put it in the curve, my pictures will be fine won't they?

    Any settings that I need to change on the curve?


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    08-01-09 04:04 AM
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    Hate to sound rude......butttt.....Have you read any of the posts on this forum dating back to Dec. 2008? The answers are all here.

    Open desktop mgr use the device switch wizard to copy from pearl to 8900.

    Your media card is incompatible. This is an easy one to look up.

    Apps and themes are everywhere. See the apps link above.
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