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    Good Morning everyone! I recently switched from the Storm to the Silver Curve... I absolutely love my phone! I am interested in changing my trackball... is it really hard to do?
    I have a Blue Seidio case on & noticed it has put some minisule scratches on my cover so I'd like to find a clear fulll body skin if possible & get the Seidio holster & then change to a blue trackball. I am also toying with the idea of getting a Pink or white housing... Will that void the warranty to change these? Would I need to change back before taking it in if I have any problems?
    Can you tell me the best places to find these?
    Sorry for all the questions...

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    Any changes made to your Berry either cosmetic (trackball/housing) or electronic ( unapproved OS) will intact void any warranty...although a trackball and housing change are very easy. When I had my curve I used ebay to find the housing and trackball that I installed. I hope this helps you out.

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    I opted to get a hard case off Ebay to dress mine up then messing with the housing & my warranty...for now.

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