1. channiem's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I am new to the forums, and am also new to the world of Blackberry. I just got myself a brand new BB 8900 on Vodafone UK.

    My question relates to hotmail email on the BB 8900. I use my BB for personal use and have my hotmail account as my only email on the BB.

    I am having no major issues with it so far, however cannot seem to access any of my personal sub folders that are set up in hotmail.

    I realise this is because I am on a BIS server (not that I know what this is!).

    My questions are
    - Is there an app or some way I can view all my hotmail subfolders on the BB
    - Can I 'import' emails that are currently in my hotmail account so that I can see them on the BB
    - If I set up Outlook on my PC to use hotmail, and I sync this to my BB, will this help?

    I appreciate any help you can give me!
    08-31-09 03:43 PM
  2. melh72's Avatar
    I'm not sure that you can view any folders on your e-mail w/o going in to the web view.

    I don't have hotmail come directly to my phone (I use gmail) but when I want to check my hotmail acct. I use msn mobile to view & I have access to all folders. I believe that you can sync w/Outlook if you want to tsf all of your inbox to your phone but I am not sure about that.

    The same goes for my gmail - when I want to access all of my gmail folders I use google mobile.

    There might be an easier way to do this but this is the only way that I know.
    08-31-09 03:51 PM
  3. DroDough's Avatar
    I use a hotmail account and I havent found a way to scroll through any folders bu my inbox. If you figure this out please post the results and how it was done.
    09-01-09 09:22 AM
  4. lazerus's Avatar
    Yes, set up Outlook to grab your email via POP and synch with Outlook profile that hooks into your BB.
    09-01-09 09:53 AM
  5. peechez82's Avatar
    Yes, set up Outlook to grab your email via POP and synch with Outlook profile that hooks into your BB.
    Hey do u mind doing a step by step guide of how to do this. Would be a great help!!
    09-01-09 12:08 PM
  6. nightowlgal's Avatar
    I access my Hotmail through Outlook, and have it synched with my phone. However, I have never been able to view anything but my In Box on my phone. So just setting up Outlook won't help. I'd love to know if there's a setting that will allow this.
    09-05-09 02:21 AM