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    I just received my 3rd Curve2 8530 since it first dropped from Verizon in Dec 2009. I love the device but it's really starting to bother me because they keep dying on me. Both times I was at work and the device started to get very warm and within an hour or so, the device was D.O.A. My office is in the basement of the building and I figure it's using a lot more power trying to hold on to a signal down there but is that enough to fry my device? Blackberry is the phone that my company uses (not the 8530) but mines is the only that keeps going belly up. Are there any 8530 users out there that have had the same issues; phone starts to over heat and bam, it's dead. I'm starting to think it's an issue with the 8530 which bums me out becuz I prefer it over the Tour any day and heaven knows when the 9650 will get to VZW and I definitely do not want to go back to the trackball if I have to ditch the 8530.
    On a good note; each time my 8530 died, I had to pull my Pearl 8130 out of retirement til my replacement came and just as it had been when it was my primary device, it is still 100% rock solid. Good day everyone...
    05-28-10 07:00 AM
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    If the phone has to work incredibly hard to try and get reception for hours, yeah it will get hot.

    A different OS might make a difference though.

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    05-28-10 09:13 AM
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    Sorry just making a joke, you should be more concerned your office is in a basement then your phone heating up haha, sorry damn I'm mean but its not my intention..

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    05-28-10 06:33 PM