1. BlackHat's Avatar
    Hello everyone!

    I am a first time BB owner and I got the 8330 yesterday. I have four newbie questions, if some of you would be kind enough to point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

    First, what is the best memory card for the BB Curve 8330? Mine came with a 1GB card but I need at least 8GB. What compatible 8GB cards are the best? I read about "classes" of cards but I don't know what is best for the 8330 or which cards are which classes? Anyone got a rock solid recommendation?

    What OS should I have? And how do I check to see which one I have to so I know if I need a new version or not?

    Is the standard browser that is on my phone the best one available for the 8330? I saw someone using an opera browser on a Youtube video review that actually displayed the web pages in their normal mode but you zoomed in and out. Is this browser better than the one that comes with the 8330?

    And lastly, awhile back I bought a training course that came in FLV video files, mp3 audio files and a PDF e-book. How can I view PDF files and FLV video files on my 8330?

    Thank you all, I DO appreciate any help at all you can provide!
    08-18-09 10:03 AM
  2. 9eater's Avatar
    BlackHat, welcome to the life of Crackberry........
    Regarding the memory card, since u have Sprint ur curve should have OS .131 which will support either 8gb, or a 16 gb SD Card. Im running a 8gb for now and I'm running .131 OS with no issues. I recomment Sandisk micro SD Cards. But thats just me.

    U can check what OS u have by going on options, about, and the third line down will give you the OS your currently running, hopefully it is .131. It is very stable, I havent had any issues with it.

    Regarding the browser, I use Opera Mini, and I have no complaints on it. You can see web pages just like you would on a regular pc. Opera doesnt support Flash enabled web pages.

    And regarding FLV video files, I have no idea. I have music stored on my SD card, and I have some pdf files that I can view without an issue. Hope this helps.
    08-18-09 03:45 PM