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    I am new to this board but, after reading some of the other threads I hope that someone can help me.

    I am trying to delete the preprogramed ringtones that came on my blackberry curve so that I can have more memory space. I just hate some of the ones that the factory put on the phone. I have tried going under media, then ringtones and pushing the blackberry apps button but there is no delete. Any ideas?

    Thank you for your help in advance.
    08-06-09 01:31 AM
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    It's not a good idea to remove the factory ringtones. Use CracMem or Shrink-a-OS instead to remove things from your OS/BB to make more memory available for apps.

    You can safely remove your carrier theme, TTY Hearing Aid Support, ICQ, AIM, Help, VAD, etc.

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    08-06-09 01:39 AM
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