1. TJSwan7899's Avatar
    i used encryption mode on my bb memory card nd i had 2 downgrade my os on my cell. now i cant get my media now. how do i go about saving my saved media...
    08-01-09 02:42 AM
  2. YouBoysReady4Mexico's Avatar
    I dont really get what your trying to say? You encrypted your media card or your info on your bb device?
    08-01-09 02:43 AM
  3. TJSwan7899's Avatar
    yes, nd now i cant get 2 my media on my card...
    08-01-09 02:51 AM
  4. YouBoysReady4Mexico's Avatar
    Can u get to the media when the card is IN your phone? Can you see whats on the card when its connected to your computer?

    I would think you can plug your bb(with card installed inside phone) to your computer and you should be able to use desktop manager>media manager to solve this.
    08-01-09 03:10 AM
  5. TJSwan7899's Avatar
    my same thought but all the music and pics that didnt get convert 2 jgp or mp3 file shows as rem.file that DM want play under a different encryption.
    08-01-09 04:13 AM
  6. OmegaF150's Avatar
    You might have to go back to the old OS.

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    08-01-09 09:18 AM
  7. lastraid's Avatar
    Yep, that would be something to try. Encryption is bad for this reason. Even switching devices is a problem. You may have just lost all the data.

    Good luck
    08-01-09 09:32 AM
  8. TJSwan7899's Avatar
    Come on now there's got 2 b a way 2 all my media. Without reformattin my media card.
    08-03-09 06:10 AM
  9. forkup's Avatar
    Try removing the .rem extension and see if they will play.

    08-03-09 08:11 AM
  10. iowabowtech's Avatar
    Does the downgraded OS not support encryption? Otherwise you could just set encryption back to off. If not, if you happen to know anyone else with a like BB, ask them to install the card and turn off encryption. Otherwise you could try saving the files to your PC, then reformat the card and try adding them back. If all of the above fail, go back to original OS, remove encryption and then downgrade again.
    08-03-09 08:42 AM
  11. TJSwan7899's Avatar
    every time i run DM it freezes up my pc y?
    08-18-09 03:21 AM