1. clitrenta's Avatar
    I've pretty much decided to change from my Flip 8220 to the Curve 8520. This is for the most part because my tired old eyes can read e-mail better on the wide screen. I realize that features wise, the 8520 really isn't all that different from the 8220 but I do like the trackpad and feel of the 8520. I was wondering though for those of you who might have experience with both; how would you compare the processor of these two. I really only plan to scratch my BB itch with this BB until next June when I can get a full upgrade and maybe switch over to the Driftwood or maybe even the 8900. Who knows, maybe I'll just really like the Curve. They seem to be RIM's most popular BB. For the rrecord, I also think the Flip is a great little phone but I think my needs are better served by the bigger (well...sideways any way) screen and full keyboard.
    08-11-09 02:08 PM
  2. K Nol's Avatar
    If you can get it cheap yess do it. If your using an upgrade hold off. The driftwood is not definite yet. The 8520 cost is low enough to by on ebay and Craigslist that you shouldn't waste an upgrade.

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    08-11-09 02:56 PM
  3. Prelude5thG's Avatar
    I have the 8520 just got it last week and it's honestly not that bad of a phone. The trackpad is decent I like it. I'm not a professional when it comes to BB's or phones in general and it's all what you prefer I just think it's a decent phone. It lacks some features but coming from a Storm that had nothing but problems it's a nice change.
    08-11-09 03:19 PM