1. aie9101's Avatar
    Does anyone know if I can buy a new body shell case for my Curve 8310. My bottom keys keep sticking. I have to push the keys many times for that key to work. If I hold it tight it will work somethings. So i need help

    09-14-09 06:07 PM
  2. rachel0179's Avatar
    The housing wont affect the keypad, you may just need a new keypad,

    ebay has housings that also come with new keypads, or you can just search for 8310 keypads

    Cellular Nationwide Network - 3G, Sony, Panasonic, LG, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Tools, BlackBerry, has them

    Truesupplier - Blackberry Accessories & PDA Accessories wholesale Co. has them

    and here

    FonLogix - BlackBerry Curve 8300/8310/8320 Cell Phone Replacement Parts
    09-14-09 06:26 PM
  3. RatedMature's Avatar
    you can get everything on ebay lol..i had to get a new trackball because mine stopped working. it only cost me $4!!
    09-14-09 07:42 PM
  4. Jancy10's Avatar

    You'll find everything you need!
    09-14-09 07:47 PM