1. its_miller_time's Avatar
    Hey all,

    So I just gave my sister my old BB Curve. Activated it on her line. However, I cannot get my old BIS email accounts off the phone.

    I have resent service books
    Wiped Handled
    Re-registered device

    What can I do???
    08-22-09 01:17 PM
  2. lissa5168's Avatar
    As someone who has just done the same, you need to call in to Tech Support (for some reason regular CS can't do it) and have them delete the entire PIN out of the old BIS account.

    They can't just remove the emails, as your old login and password remain tied to that PIN and will prevent your sister from setting up a new email. They need to delete and re-add so that she can set up a whole new login and password to manage her own accounts.
    08-22-09 01:38 PM
  3. plunkingtom's Avatar
    Or you can log in and delete your email and give her your user name and password so she can add hers.
    08-22-09 03:24 PM
  4. lastraid's Avatar
    First off did you get a new BB device for your self?

    If so go into the BIS account and do a device change. If not go in try a device change and enter 0 for the pin and leave ESN/MEID blank. If this does not work, call your carrier they can do it for you.

    This will free the PIN. Then have your sister go in and start her own BIS account.

    If you get another device go back into your BIS account and do a device change and add the PIN and ESN/MEID number
    08-22-09 03:32 PM
  5. ReLOADed's Avatar
    Enter the password wrong 9 times... Did it for me... Then start from scratch.
    08-22-09 04:11 PM