1. butterflywings2822's Avatar
    So, I got my blackberry curve 8330 and set up my gmail account on it using the e-mail set up, and it worked just fine. Started recieving, sending, everything perfect and happy. This continued for about a week. Then, it just stopped working. When I went back into e-mail set up, it said that the e-mail couldn't be validated. Now, hadn't changed anything anywhere between the time it started working and stopped working. It's been this way for about a week now.

    I've already tried pulling the battery, checked that my POP and IMAP options were enabled, deleted the e-mail in the setup and tried to re-install it, and nothing has worked so far. Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help, I'm getting quite desperate!
    09-05-09 10:11 PM
  2. Cyper's Avatar
    Have you tried logging into your gmail account recently on the computer?

    I ask this because about one or two weeks ago gmail started forcing more strict passwords. I've been using gmail since beta and I tried to log in and it wouldn't let me. I then noticed it said my current password wasn't strong enough (6 letters) they just recently started forcing 8 letter passwords. So I had to change my password before I could successfully log in again.

    Doesn't mean this is your problem, just the only thing I could really think of.
    09-05-09 10:35 PM
  3. butterflywings2822's Avatar
    Wow, thanks! That completely fixed it! It's strange, because I never got a notification from gmail about it, was still able to log into my inbox on computer, everything, but then suddenly when i changed my password to a longer one it would accept it on my BB. Thank you!
    09-06-09 02:45 PM