1. firsttimeberryuser's Avatar
    Currently i am running, a hybrid operating system i got from here. Lately i have been having all kinds of problems with my phone and i want to go back to the official sprint 4.5 OS. Only prob is im not sure how to do that since the only way i know how to upgrade is using the DM. Of course on there is checks for upgrades and tells you you have one. how do i get it to go to a lower version OS? feel free to PIN me if you dont mind walking me through the process. Otherwise just leave a post.

    Thank you in advance.
    08-27-09 04:10 PM
  2. AZBBFAN's Avatar
    never upgrade or mess with your OS if you can not downgrade. Here are your instructions:

    08-27-09 04:15 PM
  3. firsttimeberryuser's Avatar
    yeah i never thought i would have to downgrade lol. everything had been fine, ive had this OS for a few months, but now it tells me the my music is of an unsupported format, it reboots on me all the time, my memory card doesnt read now, etc. so i figured id do a wipe and then downgrade.

    thanks for the link.
    08-27-09 04:18 PM
  4. AaronWasHere's Avatar
    If you have Blackberry Desktop Manager, you can usually reload an OS pretty easy as long as you have the file from your provider.
    08-27-09 04:23 PM
  5. MrWheelMan's Avatar
    Have you considered going "up" to the latest official release for the 8330, 4.5.169 instead?

    See here:
    **Newest 8330m OS Cellular South (Official)**

    You can install it on your Sprint Curve if you follow the instructions. I have it on mine, and it seems to be working great.
    08-27-09 04:31 PM
  6. plunkingtom's Avatar
    Wheelman what do you gain over .131...
    08-27-09 05:05 PM
  7. MrWheelMan's Avatar
    A 2 to 4 meg free memory increase, quicker response time, much more stable radio signal, and faster download speeds. None of those things are real big differences individually, but overall it feels like having a phone with a bit more speed and power, which is always a good thing.

    If your phone works fine and you don't feel comfortable doing an upgrade (which I did feel comfortable and read reports of these improvements, and that's the only reason I did the upgrade), then it's certainly not a necessity. But I think the upgrade is a good thing overall, and I thought for firsttimeberryuser's problems, it might be worth a try, rather than downgrading.
    08-27-09 05:30 PM
  8. xliderider's Avatar
    Sounds more like you have a problem with your media card than with the OS. Try moving your media off your card, reformat the card, then move your files back on the card.

    A lot easier than downgrading your OS, or upgrading your OS. As you said, the OS was working well for several months.

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    08-27-09 05:42 PM