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    Hello. First, I'm a newbie and if this has been covered before I couldn't find it and I've searched for approximately 3 hours (not all at once, but since I noticed the problem Friday).

    I love my 8310 Curve as it is miles ahead of the Motorola Z9 slider I replaced for the BB. However, the Z9 would let me keep the phone's main ringer on silent but allow my custom ringtones to ring on through. I've tried to set up my 8310 to do the same, but nothing has worked so far. I've followed all the advice I could find here where other people were asking for help with basically the same thing (I think), I just want no calls to go through other than my exceptions. I've made sure all my applications are not muted, etc.

    The exceptions are showing up in the Profiles/Advanced section; however, when I set the phone to Off Active, the Exception Calls list are and can no longer be selected or checked off. However, in the Quiet Active the boxes are checked off as though the calls should be coming through, but they are not. Am I missing something, is this not possible with the BB 8310? Also, is Quiet the equivalent of Silent on a Moto?

    BuzzMe is pretty close to what I'm looking for, and unless I misread the excellent developer's upcoming features, this feature seems to be one he is looking at implementing.

    Thank you all for your valuable time and wisdom, I hope you'll take time out of your day to offer any thoughts or ideas. Lenny
    03-17-09 01:49 AM
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    Buzzme just makes your phone vibrate and ring at the same time.

    The off profile does just that makes everything set to none and overrides the exceptions.

    Try this: go in your profile and edit or make one that has under the phone option set to none, then in the exceptions area edit the numbers etc you want active for tones.

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    03-17-09 02:09 AM
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    souly, I think we're on to something! I did as you suggested but using Quiet; however, right now everyone is asleep where I'm at so I can't test it. And the only landline here at home in is in my Mom's room, and I don't want to wake her - she's 74 and needs her sleep. I'll let you know later what we've come up with.

    Thank you!!
    03-17-09 02:25 AM
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    Edit; okay I just went into my own settings and fiddled with it. Creating a new exception without using "active profile" selected will allow use to make a caller pass through your viberate/ silent. Just make the exception off the profile that has the normal tone volume, and it will get by. Setting a custom tone though through the adress book defualts it to active profile though so you have to do it by add new exceptions in the advance profile memu. Hope that helps any.

    Active profile is vibrate

    New exception uses profile normal for alex. Set the tone, and now alexs call always come in that way.

    Only draw back is if you want pure silence you'll need off or to turn off the exceptions.
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