1. MongelliL's Avatar
    Hi Again
    Like I have said in the past, had my 8330 for almost a year, and I am still learning as I go.

    I have the Myspace App downloaded, and Facebook.

    Everytime I try to login in to Myspace, it tells me "To receive Myspace notifications, your Myspace login email address must be associated with your Blackberry Device." Then it has 3 links, Setup, Help, and Continue.

    I have Clicked on the Setup link, and it takes me to the email settings page for my Blackberry. And I already have the email address linked to my Blackberry, and the little message still pops up on my phone. I have tried deleteing the email address, and re adding it. And it still doesnt work.

    When I get click on Continue, I can use Myspace normally. It is just becoming annoying and I want to knoqw if there is anything else I can do to get it to work without having to Click Continue.

    09-07-09 09:35 PM
  2. digitard's Avatar
    There should be something in options I believe to disable that. Hit the BB key in the app and check options.
    09-07-09 10:27 PM
  3. MongelliL's Avatar
    Nope.. no options to enable or disable it..
    09-07-09 11:52 PM
  4. william8081's Avatar
    how do u fix that cuz mine does the same thing?
    09-08-09 05:34 PM